What we offer in repair work is the ability to replace and match broken pieces of Glass and a complete re lead of a fatigued window.  
The repair depends on the window: if the broken glass is further in the window or apart of the border the process will vary.  We will look at the window and provide a quote based on how old the glass is that has been broken.  The state of the lead, if the lead is creating a white powder this is fatigued lead we will insist on a relead.


If you wish to hire us to repair it is preferred you send us an email stainedglass.bluesydney@gmail.com with the sizes in mm and a picture of the window. 

does my window need restoring?

  • Water leaking from the window.
  • Daylight showing through the window
  • Broken Glass
  • Fatigued Lead (bent out of shape and white powder coming out.)
  • We have also found that Victorian window are often to dark for contemporary houses and need the dark browns and purples replaced into lighter colours to bring more light into the home.