Thankyou for considering us to design your personalized Leadlight, the benefit of choosing us is our experience; having been trained from a long line of Stained Glass masters no technique is unfamiliar to us. Our designs are promised to be contemporary whilst also reminiscent of the traditional values of this trade.
Each window is individual to your home, using colours and key pieces of furniture to influence the design. The window will be tailored to your home and personal taste, promising to deliver Australian Standards of Glass and Glazing AS 1288.
We are constantly working with Architects and Interior designers to create a product that creates an added warmth and design aesthetic to your home and business.

Design process

When working with clients we see it as a collaboration, thus we like to go to our clients houses and get an understanding of your home. 
The work will begin with an architectural drawing with the go ahead of the client a down payment is received and the window will begin. 6 weeks is the preferred amount of time for a window. To place an order with us continue to "contact us" and the process can begin.

We are experienced Glazers proficient in removing and installing Windows, we will include this price in the quote. 


Quotes depend on the size, and detail of the window. As a trades person i do charge at an hourly rate, but the detailing and size of the design will be more indicative of the cost, follow onto contact us, where you will find our details.