We are firm believers of "Doing It Yourself", of the traditional, of Wooden tools, Copper and Steel, the smell of Traditional Art; Linseed oil and Turpentine. This is why we do this. The love of the old and the want to restore old beauties in a very mechanical world. Lets go back to Wood and Glass the traditional way.   Art and Beauty should be apart of our daily lives its importance should not be overlooked, which is why we endeavour to be Artisans

Kirby's love for Lead Light and Stained glass began with her Father teaching her Leadlight as a child, then continuing her education at Sydney College of the Arts where she learnt about design and colour. Her education didn't stop there, working under a successful Stained Glass Master she has developed a unique and classical style for a Traditional Craft.  
For further reading; the Design Files has written an article on Kirby http://thedesignfiles.net/2017/10/legacy-stained-glass/